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What is Braille?

Braille is not a language, but a tactile representation of print for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Braille consists of six dots (called a braille cell), with each cell representing the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. Uncontracted braille is a letter for letter representation of cells with each cell equating to a letter in the alphabet, while contracted braille consists of abbreviations of single words or letter groups formed by one or more cells.  If you look in many locations, you will see braille on elevators, menus, currency, etc.

Why Would You Want Braille?

Making an impact is very important for any company and braille can do it both literally and figuratively. When you hand a brailled business card to someone, or produce a menu that is brailled, you begin a conversation. You will long be remembered, and soon you will have a wider audience interested in your business. In addition to having something unique and reaching out to people with a visual impairment, you are sending a positive message that your business is accessible to everyone.

According to the National Coalition of Vision Health, there is a vision loss epidemic right now and "the total number of visually impaired and blind Canadians is projected to double over the next 25 years".

Braille makes sense but it is also quickly becoming the law. According to the Canada Business Network, "currently, only Ontario has a law in place requiring businesses to be accessible to everyone. However, other provinces are considering doing the same thing. If you live in a province or territory that does not yet have accessibility regulations for businesses, don't wait until they are created in your region. It may be only a matter of time before all of Canada implements these standards. Ensure that your facility, your website and your employees are more welcoming to everyone with disabilities now. Making it easier for the many Canadians with disabilities to do business with you makes good business sense."

Click here to read about Accessibility Laws in Ontario.

What Canadian Braille Service is Doing

As experts in accessibility, we are poised to help organizations in BC face potential changes in accessibility laws. Through social media, we are supporting organizations such as SPARC BC that are helping to make this dream a reality.


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